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MP3 HTML Generator is the program to help you to create web - pages without knowing any HTML language. It's main aim is the generation of an HTML list of MP3 files.

Let's imagine you want to deploy all your musical collection on then internet. Instead of typing the names of the singers and compositions, you use MP3 Html generator. You add MP3 files into the program window and it scans id3- tags. If necessary you can edit the data and save in MP3 file (or you may not, it will be in the project anyway). The program generates a web-page and saves it on the HDD.

The program can load the received data on the web - server automatically. The program has several output styles and also the fonts, colors and background can be chosen. You can use page templates to generate pages, it will really facilitate your work.

MP3 HTML Generator allows you to create the search engine for your MP3 files. While generating the pages, the program creates the DB from the MP3 files included in the project and it generates a searching script.It also creates the template for the search results. While generating the key words, the user defines the place in MP3 files where the words can be taken from(artist name, album name, track name). If you deploy your search engine on several sites, pay attention to the fact that each site will have it's own version of the searching script. The received data will be loaded on your site.

  • Support ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.
  • 8 different mp3 list styles (UL list, portal interface, multiple column list, static tree, index page, user template, XML and Drop down list)
  • HTML/DHTML output code
  • MP3 search engine generator
  • XML support importing data from an mp3 files
  • Integrated preview
  • Handles very large mp3 list.
  • Scheme files allow building reusable cool designs with one click
  • Easily embed generated pages into your existing web page (uploading to an FTP, supports work through firewall).
  • Upload for multiple domains.
  • Optimizer HTML of pages.
  • Supports firewall.

MP3 Search engine demo

Enter: 2000,Girl,Bon Jovi,..
You're welcome to submit any questions, suggestions and comments about MP3 HTML Generator! Please let us know what you would like to see in the future versions.
E-Mail Address. support @ exacttrend . com
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