Workspace Settings

This dialog box allows you to specify workspace settings for log file analysis.

Log files

You can choose more than one log file set. Sets can be located in different directories and/or could have different file names. You can enter exact file names or wildcards.


C:\My Logs\*.*

C:\My Logs\WMS_2006_??.log


Url site

Your domain name. Multiple url addresses can be separated with semicolons. Like ';'

Show internal referrers (Referrers, Sites report)

To avoid your site to be found in referrer report, set this option to off.

Show "No Referrer"

If this option is set "No Referrer" item will be shown in referrer report.

File Types

File Types options are used to specify how WMS Log Analyzer should classify a page field at parsing. For instance a hit line with .html as extension is classified as a document, one with a .exe extension as a downloads, one with a .jpg extension as an image etc. The most common file and page types are tracked by WMS Log Analyzer. You can delete or add necessary for you type files.

Date filter

Using this filter you can select to view the lines which fit the certain date interval and should be analyzed.

Log File Storage

Inclusion of the given option allows, to put your log files in storage and to analyze them later.


Filters allow to specify which lines from you log files should be analyzed. They allow you to do deeper and more specific analyzing. In case you want to read large amount of log files, it would be advisable to use filters to save system resources.

Date && Time

If you MS Windows Media Services doesn't log time in your time zone, you should enter the time difference here.