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Web, Media or Proxy Log Analyzers Comparison

The table below compares own log analyzers (web, media or proxy) and could assist in determining the right solution.

FeaturesLog Analytics SenseWeb server log files analysisMedia server log files analysisProxy server log file analysis
Web Log ExplorerWeb Log SuiteWMS Log AnalyzerWMS Log StorageProxy Log ExplorerProxy Log Storage
Supports Web server log filesYesYes  
Supports Media Services log filesYesNot complete supportYes 
Supports Proxy server log filesYesNot complete support Yes
Built-in web serverEnterprise Edition      
Interactive web server log analyzerYesYes Yes Yes 
Report output in HTML formatYes Yes Yes Yes
Export report in HTML, CSV and TXT formatYesYes Yes Yes 
Output reports to browser, folder or FTP directoryYes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic generation of reports. Using the command line and scheduler.Yes Yes Professional edition Professional edition
Work with command line parameterYes Yes Professional edition Professional edition
Built-in schedulerYes Yes Professional edition Professional edition


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